New Album "The Early Riser" Review

"I thought I'd open it, listen to a track or two, and come back to it later.  That didn't happen; I sat there smiling and marveling at it as the entire recording unfolded. What pleased me most, aside from (Stone's) astounding creativity, command and virtuosity, is how seamlessly it seemed to mesh. It's genuine, heartfelt expression. (Stone's) playing is so impressive and compelling.

"I was very taken by Josiah's lyrics. I think (Josiah) will make his mark with the creativity and the integrity he displays on this revealing recording. And oh yes, (Josiah's) charm.”

  -Jim Szantor, Former Managing Editor, Down Beat

Press Release for Fringe Festival Concert

Rochester, NY Jazz saxophonist Doug Stone debuts his new CD, The Early Riser at the 2017 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival this fall. Fifteen years in the making, The Early Riser is a collaboration with Illinois lyricist and vocalist Josiah Williams. The work fuses Stone’s modern Jazz compositions and William’s Hip- Hop lyrics together to create a new sound. Joining Mr. Stone and Mr. Williams for the Fringe performance are Jazz artists: Chase Ellison on drums, Chris Potter on guitar and John Tate on bass.

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Eastman New Jazz Ensemble Featured Soloist

“The first half of the concert closed with my “Nasty Dance,” a Joe Lovano feature from Mel Lewis days.  I am starting there because of the tenor playing of Doug Stone.  To even play this piece is hard enough but Doug took it places I had not imagined—it was virtuoso playing on the highest plane and I frankly don’t know how he managed it.  When you “show your ass” to the world, it better be blemish-free—his shone like a baby.  His other solo offerings were very good too, but this was a performance I won’t forget.  I wouldn’t hire him, I’d kidnap him.” 
--Bob Brookmeyer 12/9/2009

Jazz 90.1  Jazz@Eastman: Past, Present, Future program featured artist.