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saxophonist and jazz educator DOUG STONE invites you to join



an accelerated jazz educator development course

Jazz Band




You can build an amazing jazz program and change your students’ lives!

You can impress not only administrators, other teachers, and parents, but also impress and excite jazz musicians who will want to come to your school and work with your students!

Why do you want to tap your toe when you hear the Basie band play Splanky?  


Why is it so hard to sit still when you hear Duke Ellington’s band play C-Jam Blues?  


What is it about the bass-line of Chameleon that makes your students get so excited?  


Why do those Tower of Power lines get stuck in your head so easily?   

Doug Stone

You can teach your students to play



The melody of Splanky contains six, repeated, bluesy notes!

C-Jam Blues goes sol to do!

The simple bassline to Chameleon repeats over and over!

Those Tower of Power lines are based on the pentatonic scale!

Simple things, played with an understanding of FEEL (articulation, sound, delivery) are the foundation and backbone of
You can teach your
students to play
(Not to win competitions, but to play GOOD MUSIC!) 

Does this sound familiar?

Your first tenor player learned a couple of Michael Brecker licks and now thinks they know more about music than you.  

Your second trumpet player is a nice kid, made the All-State jazz band, but seems really bored with the repertoire you are doing in jazz band. 


Your guitar player plays the same rock and roll blues solo on every tune.  

Your drummers don’t sound like they are playing jazz.  

Your best trombone player can barely hold the instrument correctly.  

You are not sure what all the chord changes for a blues are even though you played 3rd trumpet in the 2nd jazz band in college.  

You have fun playing with your weekend cover band, but you feel totally out of place with your jazz band students.

I've gotcha covered!

I will share with you teaching techniques that will empower you to put your cocky first tenor player in their place, challenge your most advanced jazz players, get your rhythm section sounding like a unit, make jazz band enjoyable for even the weakest musicians, get you playing solos with your students that will cause them to shower you with praise, make you feel like a true leader in jazz band rehearsals, and have you begging for solos with your cover band! 

How The Stepping Stones Program Works

The program is an online-group training, segmented into master topics, including:

Understanding FeEL

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Incorporating and Assimilating

Jazz Vocabulary



Internalizing Chord Changes

here's what you get...


Workshops meet live in Zoom 3 times each week for 90 minutes.


Each student receives two 1-hour consultations, and a personal learning path including goals, objectives, practice routine, and benchmarks.


A private social media group where you can connect with your peers, share ideas, ask questions, and receive daily support from me and your cohort.


The confidence and knowledge that will help you become the jazz musician and educator students remember for their entire lives!

This 5-month development course is scheduled to run from

August to December 2021

so I can prepare you for the upcoming semester and guide you through it

in real time.

You can learn to improvise like a pro!  

You can learn to teach your jazz band like a pro!  

You can get your students excited and swinging on a daily basis! 


Doug Stone Jazz

Imagine that your ideal, musical self just walked off stage from the best jazz band concert ever with your students absolutely thrilled at their performance.

How great did it feel? Pretty awesome! Now let's make this a reality.

I will help you enjoy jazz band.  
I will be there for you, every day, throughout the school year.  
I want you to teach jazz with GUSTO.  
I want your band to SWING!  
I want your students to improvise like YOU!  

We can do this together!  

Let’s do this!  

Let’s make you a great jazz educator!  

Set up a call today! 

Doug Stone casual pose
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