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Stepping Stones Jazz Improvisation method by Doug Stone

Available TODAY!

The tried and true method I use to teach jazz improvisation to my students is finally available in print!  This book will take an individual or a group through comprehensive exercises that teach the fundamentals of improvising over chord changes.

The first half of the concert closed with my “Nasty Dance”, a Joe Lovano feature from Mel Lewis days. I am starting there because of the tenor playing of Doug Stone. To even play this piece is hard enough but Doug took it to places I had not imagined—it was virtuoso playing on the highest plane and I frankly don’t know how he managed it. When you “show your ass” to the world, it better be blemish- free—his shone like a baby. His other solo offerings were good too, but this was a performance I won’t forget. I wouldn’t hire him, I’d kidnap him.

-Bob Brookmeyer

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